I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.
Baltimore Intergroup Council - Committees

Activities Committee:

The Activities Committee organizes, conducts and promotes all the social events run by the Intergroup Council for the purposes of fellowship and fundraising. Events include the Gratitude Breakfast, Sobriety Show, A.A. Dance, and Bull & Oyster Roast. This committee is always looking for members to join in planning and coordinating the fun events.

Advisory Committee:

The Advisory Committee provides advice to the Chairperson of the Intergroup Council. The committee is made up of at least six members of the Intergroup Council: the immediate past Chairperson, the current Chairperson, the Co-Chairperson, the Treasurer, one person elected by the Intergroup Council, and one or more members appointed by the current Chairperson.

Answering Service Committee:

The Answering Service Committee is responsible for answering the A.A. hotline during the hours when the Intergroup Office is closed. Volunteers who answer the hotline provide assistance to persons who have problems related to alcohol.


The Cooperation with the Professional Community (CPC) Committee provides assistance in matters related to alcoholism as needed or requested by professional groups. The committee may organize and present seminars, symposiums, worships or any other educational or informative activity that may assist the professional community.

Institutions Committee:

The Institutions Committee cooperates with many area institutions by arranging meetings in prisons, detention centers, detoxifications units and hospitals. The committee secures sponsors for such meetings, creates a monthly schedule of dates and times for meetings and purchases literature for inmates and patients in these institutions. This committee is always open to members who would like to become involved.


The Nominating Committee recommends and nominates qualified persons for various Intergroup Council offices and committees.

Outreach Committee:

The Outreach Committee maintains communication between the Intergroup Council, the Intergroup Office and it's A.A. groups. The committee does this in a number of ways including visiting groups on their anniversaries and promoting A.A. workshops

Personnel Committee:

The Personnel Committee is responsible for devising and adopting appropriate personnel guidelines for the administration of the Intergroup office.

Public Information:

The Public Information Committee develops and maintains a program to carry the message of Alcoholics Anonymous by making appearances and distributing information at health fairs and alcohol awareness programs.

Speakers Committee:

The Speakers Committee provides appropriate speakers, capable of intelligently discussing the recovery program of Alcoholics Anonymous, including the twelve steps and twelve traditions, whenever request are submitted to the Intergroup office from outside organizations looking for speakers to inform them about A.A.