I am responsible. When anyone, anywhere, reaches out for help, I want the hand of AA always to be there. And for that: I am responsible.
Baltimore Intergroup Council Of Alcoholics Anonymous

Baltimore Intergroup Council of Alcoholics Anonymous
is the official title of what is more commonly known as Baltimore Intergorup

The Intergroup Council exists to serve and unify the activities of A.A. groups in the Baltimore Metropolitan area and to uphold the Twelve Traditions of A.A. The Council consists of one representative from each of the more than 500 groups in the Baltimore area who desire to participate

Through working together, the intergroup council is able to accomplish tasks individual groups could not do alone.

The Intergroup Office

The Intergroup Office is an extension of the Intergroup Council and employs one full-time Administrator and several part-time assistants, (all A.A.members) who coordinate necessary services for A.A. members and groups.

Answering the hot line, facilitating the work of the committees and serving as a clearinghouse of information, the Intergroup Office also houses a bookstore for the convenience of the groups. The A.A. bookstore stocks a variety of pamphlets, books and supplies used by groups to carry the message

Directories and Bulletins

For those seeking an A.A. meeting, the intergroup Office publishes area directories and maintains a web site that lists over 800 meetings with times, days, and locations. Additional updated information about new or discontinued meetings, council and contributions are also made available on a monthly basis in the bulletin.

12 Step List and Answering Service

A call to the Intergroup hotline is often the first contact a suffering alcoholic has with A.A. For this reason, it is essential to have a twenty-four hour service available to respond to calls for help. Intergroup has an organized schedule of volunteers to answer the A.A. hotline at the intergroup Office as well as at their homes when the office is closed

When needed, the answering service volunteers refer to a 12 Step List compiled by the intergrooup Office containing the names and telephone numbers of A.A. members who have agreed to be available for help. In this way intergroup is a direct link between the still suffering alcoholic and A.A. members and groups, where more help can be found